Professionals opt for Independent Job

The 10 minutes Video in Hindi language highlights the value created by the Gig Economy professionals. Since 2015, there is a sudden importance for freelancers! Prior to that freelancers were struggling to get bank loans, matrimony proposals, club invites and such social acceptance was lesser. Only those freelancers who did an exceptionally good job or who made huge money were recognized, not the rest. …Now, the equation has changed!! The employment landscape is fast-changing where more professionals are inclined towards independent works, flexible timings, more freedom to innovate and finally, balance between personal and professional life. And this is the precise opportunity for all of us. Each one of you is capable to succeed as a freelancer, but, it is easier when we go as a team in the global markets. …Forgetting all distractions, let us focus on freelancing as a core activity and then lifelong learning as an aid to growing it. Whether you remain as a freelancer or build a sustainable startup or a venture to scale up your activities is the choice after being successful as a Gig Economy professional.

How you run your business is completely up to you, but here are some practices from successful freelancers to consider. a) Communicate early, communicate often, Be proactive — clients usually get concerned when they don’t hear from a freelancer. b) Respect deadlines Deliver your work on time, every time. If you think you’ll miss a deadline, let your client know so they can plan accordingly. c) When in doubt, ask. This will help clear up the confusion, save time, and keep the job going smoothly. d) Be a pleasure to work with. Listen to your client’s concerns and respond with a positive attitude. Developing a rapport can make for a great work experience for both parties. e) Set clear expectations. Provide honest and realistic project updates and quickly alert your client when you encounter a problem. f) Under-promise, over-deliver. Never promise more than you can deliver and consider giving a little extra to every job.

Shashidhar Bhat
A senior ICT professional turned social entrepreneur. I am working on programs related to lifelong learning, work practices in the gig economy marketplace and entrepreneurship

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