Borderless Business in the Shrinking World

It is a shrinking world! The Internet, mobility solutions, and technology advancements have diminished the barriers between people of different countries so that they could work together, collaborate, communicate and grow mutually. According to globalEDGE project, the world’s economy is increasingly global. As a result, demand continues to grow for individuals who understand the global context of business: from the logistics of international trade and cross-border investments to the cultural and ethical issues that are imbued in the practice of business around the world. By studying international business, you will learn about world cultures and societies, and be challenged to approach issues from different perspectives. These skills are increasingly valuable to employers faced with the challenge of opening and integrating multiple markets and achieving cohesion and collegiality in increasingly diverse workforces….This is the precise need of becoming a GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL. However, there are many professional champions who just cater to their neighborhood markets and succeed equally in the career path. We at greenworkforce recommend the balance between being a global professional versus a local champion. The reason is FUTURE IS UNCERTAIN as we are embracing 4th Industrial Age very rapidly. The addressable markets change the shape and size drastically. And whatever happens, it happens very quickly as against earlier days. …We live in an information abundant era. We have access to tons of Open Educational Resources and hence it is not at all difficult to acquire any skills if you plan it for the same. …As a GigTeam, let us give equal importance to learning every day to that of your work-life. Become a lifelong learner and a gig job practitioner!

Shashidhar Bhat
A senior ICT professional turned social entrepreneur. I am working on programs related to lifelong learning, work practices in the gig economy marketplace and entrepreneurship

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