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Gig Model in Education – A great value add

It gives an immense pleasure to engage students in a remote village 2000 miles away every week to teach them English. eVidyaloka is doing a great job by roping in thousands of volunteer teachers residing in different continents to teach Science, Mathematics and English to Government school students in rural area across Karnataka Tamilnadu, Jharkhand, and other states. I am one such teacher engaged for two years now. We use Skype to teach students remotely. We are assisted by a local class administrator as well. Beyond the system expectations, I had decided to visit my students personally during my trip to Karnataka. Thanks to Shripati, the local co-ordinator who took me to the two schools, one at Mugad village and the other at Uppina Betgeri in Dharwad district.

It is about solving a problem! Venkat and his team at eVidyaloka realized the need for supplementing the education at higher primary level in schools, specifically at rural area. They have developed an efficient workflow powered by web application to integrate the components of educational resources, curriculum, operations and the human network. The entire business model is designed for Gig jobs by the respective stakeholders to perform better. Of course, the activities at various levels generate metrics for monitoring and evaluations.

The impact is huge! As you can see it in their website the year on year growth is very significant to prove that there exists an alternate model to the conventional education system. Why not extend the practice to a wider discipline? We at greenworkforce advocate for such practical changes to face the emerging 4th industrial age.

Shashidhar Bhat
A senior ICT professional turned social entrepreneur. I am working on programs related to lifelong learning, work practices in the gig economy marketplace and entrepreneurship

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