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GigTeams are the success enablers for the professionals in the Knowledge Industry. The business flourishes when their personnel are successful.

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The Challenges at Changing Workplaces

The Challenges at Changing Workplaces

We have just entered into the 4th industrial age. The world is changing faster than we think. We are chasing the rapid development of the technology disrupting businesses. So is the way of life. The digital transformation brings new practices driven by modern thoughts and enormous data. Greenworkforce is a global team networked by human relationships with the right skills, work experiences and a robust professional network. The professional values are aggregated to simplify the complexities of work life in the changing world.

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Dare to Become a Professional Leader

We work closely with the local startup ecosystem in multiple countries catering to the needs of growing ventures. The job demands from the global market are carefully scrutinized for execution by the GigTeams comprising of 4 to 8 freelancers. In addition, there are corporate and organizations who look for vetted remote professionals managed by GigLeaders at greenworkforce. We are Digital Transformation Leaders.

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Dare to Become a  Professional Leader

Family, Friends and GigTeams

We are a part of the vibrant startup incubation cohort at L-Incubator, IIM Lucknow Noida campus – an elite institution for management studies in India. This bootstrap startup is supported by family, friends and freelancers working in a team called GigTeam.’ is a dynamic platform to experience the professional journey from the preparation for the industry4.0 as a Lifelong Learner  to practice career in the GigEconomy marketplace and achieve the goals in the Entrepreneurial World. This is a Social Entrepreneurship model for inclusive growth of aspiring entrepreneurs, independent professionals, employment seekers, and the fresh innovative minds.

A team that loves to create

The independent professions in GigTeams are experienced knowledge workers both from industry and the academy. We cater to the needs of global startups primarily and then to the campuses to meet the industry needs.

Keep it simple

The team at greenworkforce is closely knit by human relationships to deliver professional excellence. The cross country culture, better communication skills and collaborative systems are the pillars of our growth. The clients find the team values an ingredient to their success in the border less business.


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